Completed Projects:

NART ST: Nano/CubeSat Structure (1U to 10U or 1.33 kg to 15 kg)
NART EPS: Nano/CubeSat Electrical Power System (1W to 120 W)
NART AD: Nano/CubeSat Antenna Deployment System (Melting Wire Technology, Low Cost Solution)
NART  GS: Nano/CubeSat Ground Station(Low Cost UHF-VHF Uplink/Downlink antenna with rototor

OnGoing Projects:

BeEagleSat: 2U CubeSat under VKI QB50 project by ITU, HHO, GUMUSH, ErTek
HavelsanSat: 2U CubeSat under VKI QB50 project by ITU, HAVELSAN& GUMUSH & ErTek
NART-Decimal: Upto 50 kg, 30 cmx30 cmx 34 cm Nanosatellite Bus System
CEVHER: VTOL UAV based on Coanda Effects
SimOrbit: Orbital Dynamics & Thermal Design Software

Planning Projects:

NART ADCS: Nano/CubeSat Passive and Active one-axis  Attitude Determination & Control Unit
NART LA:  Nano/CubeSat Launch Adaptor
YUVA: SpaceWire Router
NART DeO: Nano/CubeSat De-Orbiting System
NART PROP: Nano/CubeSat Propulsion System